How to use Heart Sender New version | Heart Sender V3

How to use Heart Sender Version 3

Heart Sender New version 2021

How to add SMTP ( set limit each SMTP )
How to add the following in HeartSender New version 2021:

  • From Email
  • From name
  • subject

(you can add multiple from email from name and subject that help to improve inbox rate)

How to add Letter in HTML

How to compose a letter in Heartsender v3

How to add Email List / Leads in sender

How to use Encryptions in Letter

Sender allow Also Duplicate Emails

How to use proxy

Random auto Rotate Fud Link

you can add Specific Keywords as a tag according to customer’s demands.

this custom tag will work like normal sender tags.

and many more…

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Demo Video

Full Video Turtrial For How to use Heart Sender v3

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